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South Cotabato invites five foreign chambers of commerce to lay-out investment plans

Koroandal City—The Provincial Government of South Cotabato aggressively invited foreign chambers of commerce to lay out investment plans and directions in Southern Mindanao during the Investment and Business Conference here in time for the 20th Tnalak Festival in July, Manny Jumilla, South Cotabato Economic, Investment and Promotions Head, said in an interview.

“We wanted to know their interest to invest in South Cotabato or in southern Mindanao,” Jumilla said.

Jumilla confirmed the presence of the chambers of commerce of Italy, Europe, Australian-New Zealand, Philippines, American and the Consul of Indonesia.

He stressed out the Investment and Business Conference is a chance for local and foreign investors to discuss together the investment opportunities in this part of the country.

“We want to understand their plans in putting up investment in South Cotabato,” Jumilla said, stressing the conference is an avenue to express our enthusiasm to be part of their business route.

Jumilla noted that most of the investments in Mindanao are centered in Davao, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro, leaving the southern part of the island an off-beaten path.

“We move agrresively because kun maghinay kita wala gid sang magkadto di sa aton, kasayang man sang aton lugar nga indi nila makita kag mabutangan negosyo para maka create sang trabaho,” he said.

Jumilla eyes a much robust economic situation in South Cotabato in the next three years.

“The result of this will be felt after the business conference. This conference will serve as a springboard to a more robust economy in the future,” he explained.

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