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South Cotabato Propels Health System Implementation with Successful Completion of Training Series

South Cotabato, Philippines – The South Cotabato Province-Wide Health System (SC PWHS) is set to start next year following the successful completion of an extensive series of trainings and orientations.

In collaboration with Universal Health Care (UHC) Technical Working Group (TWG) members and Local Government Unit (LGU) trainers, these sessions aimed to equip health facilities and stakeholders within the South Cotabato Health Care Provider Network (HCPN) with the necessary skills and knowledge for the implementation of the newly approved SC PWHS Manual.

The comprehensive Training of Trainers cascaded the salient features of the Referral Manual to health facilities and stakeholders within the HCPN. The objective was to ensure that every participant is well-versed with the manual’s intricacies, fostering a shared understanding of the framework’s goals.

“The completion of these training sessions is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of our healthcare professionals. We are not just introducing a manual; we are building a foundation for a more responsive and integrated healthcare system,” Dr. Rogelio Aturdido, Provincial Health Officer, said.

The South Cotabato Province-Wide Health System includes better health outcomes, a responsive health system, improved health literacy, and enhanced financial risk protection for the residents.

Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa, Secretary of Health, commended the province’s commitment to excellence in healthcare.

“These training sessions are crucial in ensuring the successful implementation of the SC PWHS Manual. South Cotabato is setting an example for other provinces in prioritizing healthcare integration,” stated Dr. Herbosa.

As South Cotabato moves forward with the implementation of its Province-Wide Health System, the successful completion of the training series signifies a significant milestone. The province remains steadfast in its commitment to achieving comprehensive health goals and delivering quality healthcare services to its residents.

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