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South Cotabato Provincial Treasurer’s Office Lauds Top Municipal Treasurers for Exceptional Performance

In a commendable display of recognition, the Provincial Treasurer’s Office in South Cotabato celebrates the exceptional efforts of our local treasurers. A round of applause goes to the Top 5 Municipal Treasurer’s Offices for their outstanding dedication and commitment to tax collection, securing impressive rankings by DOF-BLGF and PTO standards.

The honor roll features Polomolok claiming the top spot, followed by Tampakan, Banga, Sto. Nino, and Tupi, showcasing their unwavering commitment to meeting and surpassing financial benchmarks.

Special commendations are in order for Hon. Dionel C. Calibayan and Roger A. Gomez for their exceptional contributions, exemplifying unparalleled dedication and bolstering South Cotabato’s revenue generation program.

Expressing gratitude, Provincial Treasurer Alvim Batol extends heartfelt thanks to these tireless local treasurer’s offices whose dedication shines as brightly as the certificates of appreciation they rightfully deserve.

These top-performing municipal treasurer’s offices aren’t just collecting taxes; they’re shaping the financial future of South Cotabato. Their dedication sets a gold standard, lighting the path for others to follow. Let their commitment echo as a beacon, guiding our province toward greater fiscal strength and prosperity. Congratulations to these exceptional offices, the true pillars of our economic growth.

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