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South Cotabato registers 242K visitors in 6-month period… Lake Sebu is top tourist destination

The province of South Cotabato have registered 241,883 guest arrivals from January to June this year, the Arts, Culture, Tourism, Museum Development and Promotions (ACTM) Unit reported.

Tourism Officer Anna Liza Mondejar disclosed that guests are classified as “same day” visitor or excursionist and tourist who stayed at least overnight and counted as one “guest night.”

“We have recorded 204,260 domestic visitors, 1,316 foreign visitors and 36,307 guest nights during the 6-month period,” Mondejar added.

Lake Sebu, the province’s summer and tilapia capital and recently declared as the province’s corn capital, topped the domestic and foreign tourist arrivals with 22,363 guest nights and excursionists at 166,054.

Its main attractions include 7-Falls, T’Daan Kini Falls, several lake resorts, Lang Dulay Weaving Center and the 7-falls zipline, which is dubbed as Southeast Asia’s longest and highest zipline.

Lake Sebu is followed by the municipalities of Norala (7,335) and Polomolok (5,298) in the “guest nights” category), with the contributions of other towns such as Tantangan (1,164), Banga (378), T’boli (165) and Tupi (41).

Meanwhile, the municipality of Tupi registered second in the “same day visitors” with 35,930, followed by T’boli (3,154).

Accommodation establishments, resorts and attractions province-wide provided the statistical data to ACTM Promotions Unit, the report indicted.






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