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‘South Cotabato Rice’ to hit the market soon

In a groundbreaking move towards agricultural progress, South Cotabato prepares to launch its very own rice variety, a milestone announced by Tyronn Villanueva, the Head of the South Cotabato Economic, Investment and Promotions Center. This strategic move is part of the province’s comprehensive effort under the Consolidated Farming Mechanization Program, showcasing South Cotabato’s commitment to modernize and elevate its agricultural sector.

The introduction of the South Cotabato Rice Variety is more than just a novelty; it represents a significant step towards self-sufficiency and elevating the quality of local produce. The province aims to meet the increasing demands for high-quality rice while reducing its dependency on external sources.

Villanueva explained, “This launch is a testament to our commitment to agricultural innovation and sustainability. We believe that by introducing our local rice variety, we can not only strengthen our province’s food security but also promote the agricultural heritage of South Cotabato.”

The marketing strategy behind the South Cotabato Rice launch is rooted in attracting investors, promoting local farming, and boosting the province’s economic growth. By producing a distinctive rice variety, South Cotabato aims to capture a larger share of the market while providing consumers with a unique and quality product.

A technical working group is created to look into the marketing side of the locally produced rice under the Provincial Agriculture’s program.

This initiative is aligned with South Cotabato’s broader vision of fostering a thriving agricultural industry that supports farmers, enhances crop productivity, and contributes to the province’s overall development.

The South Cotabato Rice Variety launch signifies a turning point in the province’s agricultural landscape, emphasizing its commitment to modernization and sustainability. With the support of the South Cotabato Economic, Investment and Promotions Center, South Cotabato is poised to become a dynamic force in the agriculture sector, positively impacting the province’s economy and ensuring a brighter future for its farmers and residents.

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