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South Cotabato seizes renewable energy potential with ambitious growth plans

South Cotabato, Philippines—- In a strategic move towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future, South Cotabato has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the renewable energy sector, particularly in hydro power. The province’s remarkable potential was underlined during the recently concluded Renewable Energy Investment and Business Forum held in the City of Koronadal, spearheaded by the Provincial Government of South Cotabato in partnership with the Mindanao Development Authority (MINDA).

Tryronn Jan Villanueva, Development Management Officer IV, said at the heart of South Cotabato’s renewable energy prospects is the Alah River, a significant source of hydroelectric power in Mindanao. This, combined with the province’s extensive watershed areas and favorable weather conditions, forms a compelling trifecta of assets ideal for promoting renewable energy investments.

“South Cotabato has already taken substantial strides in the renewable energy arena with the establishment of a solar farm in Suralah.” Villanueva said.

The same company is planning to extend its efforts by constructing additional solar farms within the province. These expansion plans encompass the City of Koronadal, Banga, Tupi, and Tantangan, a report from Apolaki Seven, Inc. presented.

The significance of this endeavor is further emphasized by President Ferdinand Marcos’ vision for the Philippines. In a State of the Nation Address, he underscored the importance of renewable energy, proclaiming it as the path to a sustainable future. The administration is steadfast in its commitment to have renewable energy account for 35 percent of the power mix by 2030, a figure set to increase to 50 percent by 2040.

To expedite the realization of this green energy goal, South Cotabato has opened its doors to foreign investments in renewable energy projects. However, the Department of Energy recommended the passing of a local energy code, formulation of  Comprehensive South Cotabato Local Energy Development Plan, establishment of a Local Energy Efficiency and
Conservation Strategy, explore opportunities for Private-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the energy sector, MINDA stressed out.

“This move is anticipated to attract significant interest from global investors keen to participate in South Cotabato’s renewable energy journey,”

Local government officials here planned to use solar panels to power up the South Cotabato Provincial Hospital. Talks were also initiated to establish the soon-to-rise three-story building as a green building inside the capitol. The eco-friendly building is a structure designed and constructed with a focus on reducing its negative impact on the environment and promoting resource efficiency.

Villanueva added that South Cotabato is poised to transform into a hub for renewable energy, pioneering the nation’s transition towards cleaner, more sustainable power sources. As a province rich in natural resources and a government dedicated to a green future, it’s evident that South Cotabato is on a path toward a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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