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South Cotabato sets three-year priorities on ELA

To impact the lives of the South Cotabateños especially from the grassroots level, the Provincial Government conducted a 2-day workshop on the formulation of the Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) for the year 2020-2022 in General Santos City.
The activity was attended by the elective officials of the legislative and executive departments, department heads, and the civil society organizations. The workshop is an important opportunity for all participants to plan the direction of the province for three years that will affect development on economic, environment, social, infrastructure and institutional sectors.
Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. asked for the cooperation of all sectors for the successful implementation of the programs of the province under the ELA.
He also called on all members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to forget about politics and support the development focus of his administration.
He added, in the crafting of the ELA, all sectors must be consulted to know the real need of the people.
“We need the involvement of the community from the grassroots level in crafting our directions”, He said,
He added, the advantage of Bottoms Up budgeting is knowing what our constituents need and not how we, as government implementers view what they need.
The ELA is a unifying document corresponding to the term of local elective officials that are mutually developed and agreed upon by both the executive and legislative departments of a Local Government Unit. it is also an integrated plan that contains the major development thrust and priorities of both branches towards a common vision for the locality which will run for three years.

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