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South Cotabato to enlist 1010 grant-in-aid grantees

At least 1010 successful grantees will receive assistance from Kabugwason Paglaum Scholarship and Grant-in Aid Program (KPS-GIAP) as it announces the acceptance of the application for the School year 2020-2021 from August 20 to September 5, 2020.

Under the program, 880 grantees for college students at any level can avail of Php5,000 cash assistance.

10 slots were allocated for those taking Juris Doctor at Php10,000 each; and 10 slots at  Php15,000  for those taking Doctor of medicine at any year level.

KPS-GIAP Executive Director Atty. Jan Kristy Pastor said the program is only open to all residents of South Cotabato.

She added they are still accepting applicants from Mondays to Fridays and are open even on Saturdays and even on a Holiday.

For this year, the province has allotted at least Php4.8 million for the program.

For those who want to avail, the requirements include the following:

  1. Bonafide resident of South Cotabato, residing at least 1 year in their respective Barangays preceding the year he/she applies;
    2. Must have no failing grade in any subject in the previous school year;
    3. Must be of good moral character as certified by the principal /registrar /Brgy. Chairperson;
    4. Must not have any pending administrative or criminal charges filed against him in any court of law;
    5. Must not be a recipient of any other scholarship grant, such as UNIFAST or TULONG-DUNONG;
    6. Must not be related to any member of the committee within the third (3rd) degree by consanguinity or affinity
    7. Family with annual gross income not exceeding P300,000.00

DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS (To be submitted to the KPSGIAP office)
1. Application letter (2 copies) addressed to the Provincial Governor thru the Provincial Scholarship
and Grant-In-Aid Committee; (provide email address and contact no. in the letter)

  1. Barangay Chairperson Certification that he/she is a bonafide resident of the barangay for a period of not less than 1 year;
    3. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate;(present original)
    4. Certified photocopy of High School report card (Form 138) or Transcript of Records, Grades/GWA from last semester attended. (present original)
    5. In the absence of CHLSS, latest certified true copy of the applicant/ parents/ guardians BIR Income Tax Return, or if none a Barangay Certificate that he belongs to an indigent family;
    6. Certificate of good moral character and no pending administrative or criminal charges from the H.S. Principal / College Registrar /Brgy. Chairman;

7. Thoroughly accomplished application form 1-A;
8. Sketch map of the applicant’s home address;
9. One recent photograph, passport size;
10. Enrollment Certificate and Billing Statement

1. Submit application letter (2 copies) addressed to Hon. Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr., Provincial Governor, Thru               the Provincial Scholarship and Grant-In-Aid Committee;
2. Secure a Scholarship Grant Application Form 1-A from the KPSGIAP Technical Committee
3. Fill up and submit the accomplished application form 1-A together with the complete required documents          to the Kabugwason Paglaum Scholarship and Grant-In-Aid Program Office not later than SEPTEMBER 5,    2020

  • Application papers submitted with incomplete requirements will not be accepted.
    • Submitted documents cannot be retrieved for any reason.
    • Screening of applicants shall be conducted by the Provincial Scholarship and Grant-in-Aid Committee with the assistance of the KPSGIAP Technical Staff.
    • Those who will pass the Background Investigation shall be included in the list of potential grantees.
    • All qualified applicants for the interview shall be notified and their names will be posted in the KPSGIAP Office, and Facebook page.     Applicants can submit their application to the The Kabugwason Office (2nd Flr, Main Bldg., Provincial Capitol).



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