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South Cotabato tourism recovers as 1.6 million tourist arrivals recorded

Tourism in South Cotabato is very much alive and kicking as the orovince registered 1.575,499 tourist arrivals for 2021., the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Unit reported.

          Day visitors or Excursionists accounted for 1,386,091 while Overnight Guests totaled 189,408 for the 10 municipalities and lone city of the province. Foreign visitors (both excursionists and overnight guests) numbered 97.

ACTM Chief Argie Ryan Asaria pointed out that equating these at P500 expense per vexcursionist and P1,800 per overnight guest is equivalent, more or less, to P 1 billion revenue that spreads to accommodation establishments, transport, restaurants, gasoline stations, malls, souvenir shops, among others. Likewise, artisans such as weavers, beaders, craftsmen, and even farmers are also  beneficiaries of the tourism income, Asaria added.

          The summer months of March and April are still the favorite among tourists, registering 163,350 and 197,947 arrivals, respectively. Likewise, the cool months of November, December, January and February also got the lion share in tourist arrivals; November – 117,697, December – 165,675, January – 121,655; February – 140,772.

          The rest of the months registered as follows; May – 63,212; June – 36,143; July – 72,882 ; August – 97,744; September – 59,271; October – 90,851.

          In  20 South Cotabato only registered 400,511 tourist arrivals with 400,014 domestic and 497 foreign visitors.











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