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South Cotabato Tourist Arrival reaches 575K in 2016

Tourist arrival in the province is in the upswing as the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Promotions Unit reported 575,166 visitors for South Cotabato in 2016.

Tourism Officer Anna Liza Mondejar disclosed that domestic tourist accounted to 571, 403 while 3,763 are foreigners.

March is the favorite month of tourists as it peaked to 80,088 arrivals, the highest in 2016. But in April, it dipped to 60,880 but slightly recovered to 65,189 in May.

“The months of March, April and May belong to the summer season of the year, that’s why they are the favorite months of tourists to go on vacation,” Mondejar explained.

The cool months of December, January and February also generated substantial arrivals with 49,821, 50,525 and 51,297 visitors in that order.

For the rest of the months, June registered 38,332; July, 34,499; August 36,993; September, 28,069; October, 39,265; November, 36,445.

Favorite destinations among tourists are 7 falls, zipline and resorts in Lake Sebu, Bacngeb River Cave and Mt. Melibingoy in T’boli and Linan Tarsier Sanctuary and resorts in Tupi.

In 2014 and 2015, South Cotabato only registered 462,897 and 502,681 tourist arrivals, respectively, showing an upward trend in the tourism industry of the province.

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