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South Cotabato urges public vigilance against rabies

South Cotabato, Philippines— The Provincial Government of South Cotabato has launched a comprehensive rabies awareness campaign, urging residents to remain vigilant against the deadly virus. Dr. Rogelio Aturdido, Provincial Health Officer, emphasized the urgency of addressing dog bites, citing them as a significant health concern.

According to Dr. Aturdido, “Dog bites are not merely a health emergency but a health urgency that demands immediate attention. With cases of rabies on the rise in South Cotabato, it is imperative that we prioritize prevention and swift action.”

The public is urged to seek medical attention promptly in the event of a dog bite. Anti-rabies vaccines are readily available at the Animal Bite Center to prevent the onset of the disease. Dr. Aturdido emphasized the importance of avoiding traditional remedies like “tandok,” as rabies is a fatal but preventable disease.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, records from the Integrated Provincial Health Office reveal three fatalities due to rabies in South Cotabato. Additionally, the Provincial Veterinary Office reported four dog heads submitted for laboratory confirmation in the first quarter, with two testing positive for rabies in the city of Koronadal and one in the town of Surallah. Fortunately, results from Sto. Nino came back negative for rabies.

Dr. Aturdido reiterated, “Rabies is a serious and life-threatening disease. Prevention is key, and immediate medical intervention is crucial in the event of a dog bite. Let us work together to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities.”

The rabies awareness campaign aims to educate residents about the risks associated with rabies and the importance of responsible pet ownership. Through collaborative efforts and public cooperation, South Cotabato endeavors to eliminate rabies and protect the health of its citizens.

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