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South Cotabato’s mining, quarry tax share now over P 1-M

South Cotabato’s share in the sand, gravel and mining (SGM) tax collection has now reached P1,064,104.00 after collecting P2,856,143.15 for the months of January and February this year, the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) reported.

Breakdown of the collection report submitted by Provincial Treasurer’s Office to PEMO showed that P1,246,345.00 was collected in January and slightly increased to P1,609,798.15 in February.

Based on the Provincial Imposition on SGM, Sand and Gravel increased from P1,027,780.00 in January to P1,211,150.00 in February.

Other impositions that increased include Mining Tax (from P92,500.00 to P181,390.00), Ore Transport Fee (P6,000.00 to P11,500.00), Filing Fee (P23,640.00 to P30,310.00), Governor’s Permit Fee (P12,000.00 to P15,200.00), Processing Fee (P6,220.00 to P7,820.00), Fines/Penalties/Surcharges ( P40,700.00 to P92,822.00), Miscellaneous/Delivery Receipts (P24,825.00 to P25,275.00) and imposition based on PD1856 (P680.00 to P820.00).

Occupational Mining Tax, Verification Fee (Mining) and Verification Fee (Sand Gravel) have collections of P1,911.15, P7,200.00 and P21,400.00, respectively, in February but have no collections reported in February.

PEMO reported an SGM Tax Collection of more than P18.7 million in 2016, the highest in 10 years, with a total provincial share of more than P7.5 million.

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