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SouthCot targets 70 percent herd immunity by end of 2021

Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. wants to fast-track the vaccination process in the province to achieve 70 percent herd immunity before the year ends.

“In September and October, it is hoped that those who are from ages 18 years old and above can be vaccinated already, while from November to December, those who are ages 12 to 17 years old can be covered.

Tamayo targets that within this year, herd immunity can be achieved.

“ By next year, we can focus our budget on booster shots.” He said,

He said that efforts are underway not only to expedite the coming of the vaccines but also to innoculate more people from the priority lists.

The Governo plans to transfer the drop-off point of the vaccines from Cotabato City to General Santos City for easy and faster transport of the vaccines.

Presently, vaccines are ferried from Cotabato City to Koronadal City twice a week which is quite far compared to Gensan.

In a meeting held earlier together with all the mayors in the province, Governor Tamayo is pushing for the vaccination of all workers inside economic centers in the province.

“This is to protect all those who are coming in and out of the area,” He said,

Governor Tamayo urges all these local chief executives to prioritize workers in the public markets, terminals, and other institutions with much foot traffic.


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