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SouthCot to include fruits, veggies in its relief packs

In addition to rice, noodles and canned goods, the province of South Cotabato will utilize its local farm produce to be included in its relief packs.
Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. said the province needs to include fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious farm products not only to help farmers gain income but also to maintain the health status of its constituents.
Tamayo said he has already ordered the bulk purchase of said farm commodities which will be added soon to relief distribution.
The province has readied enough funds for the purchase of said farm goods coming from the 50 percent of the monthly Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) Fund this month.
Said funds pegged at Php80 million will be used to sustain the food and medical supplies of the province.
Del Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI), a leading producer of tropical fruits, juice drinks, canned fruit, tomato ketchup and spaghetti sauce in the country is set to lend its cold storage facility to the province of South Cotabato for free.
This is in preparation for the bulk purchase of farm products to be used by the province for the relief assistance to its constituents.
Tamayo said he has met up with top executives of the company to negotiate the possible use of said one-hectare facility located at Brgy. Apopong in General Santos City.
He added all fruits and vegetables which are highly perishable will be stored in the said facility to prolong its shelf life.
The provincial government will only pay for the energy consumption, Tamayo disclosed.

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