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SouthCot’s SGM Collection reaches Php8.44 million for six months

The Sand and Gravel. Mining Collection in the Province of South Cotabato had reached PHP8.4 million for the first six months amid pandemic.

PEMO Chief Siegfred M. Flaviano stressed out that despite the situation, the SGM tax collection is not affected.  “ This revenue is already the 30 percent provincial share of the province.”  He said, Revenue Collection based on the report of the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO), Mines and Geo-Sciences Division reveals that the first six months, the total collection reaches PHP20.7 million.  Out of this collection, 40 percent will go to the barangay and another 30 percent will go to the municipality.  From January to May this year, while the province is still under the Enhancement Community Quarantine (ECQ) it still collected a total amount of Php6.5 million.  For the month of June alone, the total collection reach Php1.86 million.

“Despite this trying times, covid 19 pandemic did not affect our operation specifically in the collection of said taxes.”

He said, Flaviano added, that their concern is not only the money to be collected and remitted to the treasury of the province but more in the adherence of the laws being implemented, continuous monitoring, inspection, and preservation of rivers and creeks in the area of responsibility.


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