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SP approves Php30 million Supplemental Budget No. 3

The South Cotabato Provincial Board recently approved on its regular session Php30 million additional funds for various essential services of the province.
Resolution No.342, which enacts appropriations ordinance no. 2019-05, series of 2019, authorizing the fiscal year 2019 General Fund Supplemental Budget No. 3 of the province of South Cotabato.
Said resolution was principally authored by Boardmember Noel J.Escobillo, chair of the committee on appropriations, which will be used specifically for provincial indigents hospitalization fund, mortuary assistance for indigents, Crisis Intervention Program and increase in the honorarium of Barangay Health Workers, among others.
Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. recently requested authorization of the said funds to be included under the SB No. 3 of the Province of South Cotabato in the amount of Php30 million which will be sourced –out from Cash Savings worth Php27 million and the Unappropriated Balance of Php3 million.
The highlights of the various objects of expenditure for said funds include the following:
Taxes, Duties and Licenses, Php2.1 million; Support to Various Provincial Celebration and Activities( Milestones and Special Events)Php1 million; Provincial Performance and Service Awards Programs, Seal of Good Housekeeping for Barangays Php1.295 million; Financial Incentives of Dangal ng Barangay 201, Provincial Health Reforms Program
Provincial Indigents Hospitalization Fund Php10 million; Barangay Development Programs, Mortuary Assistance for Indigents Php 400,000.00 ; Other MOE – Honorarium – BHW Php 633,600.00; Food Supplies Expenses, 665,000; Drugs and Medicines Expenses,Php 5 million; Medical, Dental and Laboratory Supplies Expense Php2.09 million; MOE – Diagnostic and Other Procedures Php5 million; Social Rehabilitation and Crisis Management Division
Crisis Intervention Program, Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations php1 million, among others.

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