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Super Health Center to Transform Healthcare in Barangay Ned, Lake Sebu

South Cotabato, Philippines—In a bid to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in the mountainous terrain of Barangay Ned, Lake Sebu, Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. supported the  the establishment of a Super Health Center. This ambitious project of the Department of Health, located in the heart of the community, is set to bridge the healthcare gap and ensure the residents of Barangay Ned have access to quality medical services.

“I have already talked to the barangay chairman and push him for the request of hiring a medical doctor,” the governor said.

The Super Health Center, strategically positioned to serve the people of Barangay Ned, marks a significant step towards improving healthcare infrastructure in the region. Governor Tamayo, known for his unwavering commitment to public welfare, has pledged comprehensive support for the project, emphasizing the need for accessible and efficient healthcare services in remote areas.

One of the major highlights of Governor Tamayo’s commitment is the provision of a fully-equipped ambulance, aimed at ensuring timely and efficient transportation of patients to and from the Super Health Center. This initiative addresses the geographical challenges faced by residents in reaching medical facilities promptly.

Furthermore, Governor Tamayo has taken proactive measures to address the shortage of medical professionals in the area. He has pledged support for the recruitment of a dedicated doctor who will be stationed at the Super Health Center. This move not only ensures a consistent medical presence but also creates employment opportunities within the community.

The Super Health Center is expected to become a healthcare hub, offering a range of medical services to the residents of Barangay Ned. From primary healthcare to emergency services, the center aims to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of the community, fostering overall well-being.

Residents of Barangay Ned, who currently face challenges in accessing medical care due to the remote location, have expressed optimism about the Super Health Center project. They believe that Governor Tamayo’s vision will bring about a positive transformation in their lives, providing them with the healthcare facilities they deserve.

As construction plans for the Super Health Center take shape, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact it will have on their healthcare landscape. Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr.’s dedication to this cause reflects his commitment to the welfare of all residents, ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to quality healthcare.

The construction of  Super Health Center is under the DOH health facility enhancement program. 

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