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The Search for Most Outstanding Family Begins in South Cotabato

The hunt for the most exceptional family has officially kicked off, as various barangays spearhead the search for deserving representatives in the Municipal Competition. These families stand a chance to compete in the esteemed 2024 Search for Most Outstanding Model Families of South Cotabato.

Dating back to 1994, the Search for Most Outstanding Model Family of South Cotabato aims to celebrate the exemplary achievements of couples and their children, setting them as models worthy of emulation. A well-structured and efficiently managed family, built on the pillars of love, humility, value for education, hard work, love of God, and service to others, is the epitome of what this search seeks to recognize.

To qualify for consideration, families must meet the following basic requirements:

1. The parents must be legally married, and if the children have their own families, they too must be legally married.
2. The family should have at most five children, whether natural or legally adopted, at the time of evaluation.
3. School-age children should be enrolled in school, except for those with conditions hindering their attendance due to congenital defects or physical or mental challenges.
4. The family must have been permanent residents of the locality for at least five years.
5. No member of the family should have been convicted of a criminal or administrative case at the time of evaluation.
6. The family must have a stable source of income.

Non-compliance with any of these qualifications may lead to disqualification, as determined by the Provincial Evaluation Committee (PEC) Secretariat, with notification provided via letter.

Winners of this year’s search will receive the following prizes:

– Most Outstanding Model Family: ₱50,000.00 + Trophy
– 1st Runner-Up: ₱30,000.00 + Trophy
– 2nd Runner-Up: ₱20,000.00 + Trophy
– Consolation Prizes: ₱10,000.00 + Plaque of Recognition

If you know families fitting these criteria, feel free to endorse them in your barangay for screening. For further details on the General Guidelines, Selection Guidelines, Documentary Requirements, Video Presentation rules, Criteria for Judging, and other relevant matters, contact the Provincial Population Office at 228-2768.

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