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Community-Based Upland Dev’t and Natural Resources Management Update….. Timberland re-greening registers 123% accomplishment

Some 185 hectares of agro-forestry farms located in 6 municipalities were monitored and assessed by the Forest and Inland Water Division (FIWD) of the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) last year as part of their program on Re-greening of Timberland Areas province-wide.

Re-greening comes in the form rainforestation, reforestation or afforestation, says PEMO-FIWD chief Forester Mary Jane Manlisisis, whose office targeted 150 hectares of timberland but was able to exceed it to 185 hectares registering 123% accomplishment with a project cost of P50,000.00.

The areas covered were Bgy. Linan (5 hectares) in Tupi; Bgy. Denlag (5 hectares) in Lake Sebu; Bgy. Datalnabong (3.5 hecatres), BGY. Salabanog (5 hectares), Bgy. Kao (6 hectares), Bgy. Talcon (40 hectares), Bgy. Lamhaku (5 hectares), Bgy. Lambangan (20 hectares) in T’boli; Bgy. Lambingi (3.5 hectares), Bgy. Lamba (14 hectares), Bgy El Nonok (5 hectares), Bgy. Lam-apos (2 hectares), Bgy, Opong (12 hectares), Bgy San Vicente (1 hectare), Bgy Malaya (1 hectare) in Banga; Bgy. Bgy. Buto (5 hectares), Bgy. Palo 19 (30 hectares) in Tampakan; Bgy. Bgy. Libas (2.5 hectares), Bgy. Tonongkop (1.5 hectares) in Tantangan; Bgy. San Miguel (14 hectares), Bgy. Puti (5 hectares)in Norala.

PEMO-FIWD likewise monitored one of their special projects called “Nurture for Future” together with partners SUMIFRU and Gamma Zeta Fraternity together with the beneficiary-school Salacafe Elementary School, Salacafe, and T’boli.

Maintenance activities such as ring weeding, replanting, fertilizer application, among others were conducted in said school.

Tree-planting activities of T’boli Minahang Bayan Multi-Purpose Cooperative where about 350 hills of ipil-ipil seedlings were planted at Sitio Bato, Kematu, and T’boli were also form part of the monitoring activities of PEMO-FIWD last year.

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