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Tnalak festival condemns discrimination

Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. vowed to address discrimination among indigenous people in South Cotabato, stating that the Tnalak Festival has been a venue that celebrates unity amidst diversity.

“Unity brings us to 56 years. These were the dreams of our ancestors. Our indigenous people, with all their hearts, gave the people from the Visayas and Luzon the opportunity to thrive in South Cotabato.”

“Dapat sa South Cotabato walang diskriminasyon!” the governor said in his festival message.

In his second term, Tamayo continued the education scholarships because he believed that education cuts the boundaries of discrimination.

“The province ensures a sustainable program that gives everybody an equal opportunity in skills and work,” Tamayo said.

“Iisa lang ang ating tribo at ito ang tribong South Cotabateno!”

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