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T’nalak Festival draws more tourists in South Cotabato


The 24th T’nalak Festival and 57th Foundation Anniversary of South Cotabato held last July 13 to 18 this year have substantially increased  the tourist traffic in the peovince particularly among Same Day Visitors and Overnight Guests, the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Unit reported.

 Richie Matunding, ACTM Statistician disclosed that In the June Tourist Arrival Report, Same Day Visitors accounted for 123,428 while Overnight Guests totaled 16,979. But arrivals for Same Day Visitors and Overnight Guests increased to 173,219 and 19,416, respectively for the month of July. 

“Same Day Visitors increased by 28.74% while Overnight Guests increased by 12.55%,” Matunding noted. Foreign tourists also increased from 90 to 118 as indicated in the arrival report.

ACTM likewise noted that 55,142 Same Day Visitors came from other provinces during the T’nalak Festival.




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