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Tourism industry employs 5K workers last year in SouthCot

Some 5,288 workers were employed in the tourism industry in South Cotabato in 2023, as per record gathered by the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Unit,


ACTMU Statistician Richie Matunding disclosed that Accommodation Establishment/Resort hired the most number of employees at 1,375, followed by Transport Operator – 978, Attraction Site -944, Food and Dining – 936.

Other employers in the tourism sector that likewise ranked high in employment were Recreational Facility/Resort – 399, Agri-Tourism – 274, MICE Facility – 143.

The rest of the workers hired were employed in Travel and Tours – 78, Health amd Wellness – 57,  Tourist-related – 51, Specialty Shop/Tourist Shop – 44, Ambulatory Clinic – 8, Eco-Guide – 1.

Workers hired in the tourism industry increased from 4,250 in 2022 to 5,288 in 2023.









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