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The Provincial Environment and Management Office (PEMO) of South Cotabato sets the standard for Mining Management as the first Province to implement a Multipartite Monitoring Team. In a benchmarking activity of the Provincial Government of Benguet  (PGB) to PEMO South Cotabato, they were presented by the Provincial Environment and Management Officer Mr. Siegfred M. Flaviano of the Program, Project, and Activities of the Province in terms of protecting and sustaining the environment. In this activity, PEMO Flaviano emphasized that the government’s initiative must be anchored to PASS or Practical, Attainable, Sensible and Sustainable.

According to Mr. Flaviano, every initiative of their office came from the instruction of Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. and as per his  instruction, the coal mining operation must undergo first to the tedious process of Multipartite Monitoring Team because this will ensure responsible and sustainable mining. In his statement PEMO stated;

“Subong gina lantaw naton kung may mga exceedance sa water quality, air quality kag kung may pag labag gina call naton ang company. Amo na ang gina ubra naton subong kay may contract sila kag operating sila . All we can do is to monitor it and to ensure nga I comply nila ang ara sa ila nga kontrata labaw na ang Environmental Compliant Certificate.”

In addition, PEMO also presented how they formulated and implemented their regulations for Small Scale Mining in the province, in which the PGB applauded and was inspired to follow, especially the participation and collaboration among National Government Offices/Agencies, LGUs and Private entities.

In ways moving forward, the Provincial Environment and Management Office is on its way to implement the plans for putting up equipment for Climate Change Resiliency Program, digitalization of  mining operations and establishing a gold buying station for the miners. These plans are the province’s initiative to maintain the equilibrium of economic gain and environmental sustainability for all.

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