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TWG for Health Care Waste Management evaluates eight hospitals, laboratories.

The Technical Working Group of the South Cotabato Health Care Waste Management conducted earlier a monitoring and evaluation to at least eight hospitals and laboratories in a bid to comply with the proper treatment and disposal systems of special wastes, the Provincial Environment and Management Office reports.

This is in compliance with the Provincial Ordinance No.6, series of 2016 which is “An Ordinance Regulating the Management, Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Infectious Waste by Health Care Providers in the province of South Cotabato.”

Senior Environment Specialist Jobie P. De Jesus said, “These hazardous and infectious waste must be responsibly managed and disposed to avoid health risks and accidents. As the head office of The Technical Working Group, we must call for collaboration among our members from different responsible offices and agencies to evaluate the implementation of this ordinance in the province”.  In addition, this evaluation also aims to answer the problem of garbage collectors who experienced accidents by unsegregated injections.

This evaluation is one of the Health Facility’s commitment they signed in Memorandum of Agreement. The monitoring involves checking of their updated pertinent permits to operate issued by government, proper segregation and disposal of hazardous waste and updating of Waste Management Plan. Right after the evaluation is a short meeting for the suggestions and comments of TWG members based from their findings.

The Monitoring Team of South Cotabato involves offices and agencies from Department of Health XII, PhilHealth XII, Municipal and City Environment and Natural Resources Office, Integrated Provincial Health Office, Provincial Planning and Development Office and Provincial Information Office.

Gladly, the health care facilities accepted and appreciated the monitoring team for their constructive criticisms most especially in terms of how they will improve their services to the safety of their costumers and towards their preparation for health accreditations.

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