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Undergoing construction in South Cotabato provincial hospital now at 30%

Koronadal City —In a bid to further elevate the quality of healthcare services provided to the community, the South Cotabato Provincial Hospital has embarked on an expansion project. The project was initiated in October last year and aims to address the growing demand for medical care and create a more spacious facility that meets the increasing number of patients.

The expansion project includes the addition of new wings to the existing hospital infrastructure, which will accommodate more rooms and house advanced medical departments, specialized clinics, and modern patient rooms. This increased capacity enables the hospital to offer a broader range of medical services, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care under one roof.

The new building is across the street from the main provincial hospital building. A bridge will connect the main building to the extension building.

Dr. Conrado Branga, the Hospital administrator, emphasized the commitment to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

“Beams are already constructed. The contractor built at least 30 percent of the building,” Brana said. He said the Provincial Government released payments based on the completed work. The record showed the Provincial Government of South Cotabato released 21 percent of the P200M budget allocation to the construction company.

The expansion comes as a response to the hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare to the province of South Cotabato. With improved facilities, cutting-edge technology, and an enhanced team of medical professionals, the expanded hospital will decongest the exceeding number of patients compared to its 200-bed capacity.

“We have accommodated an average of 500 patients a day,” Brana said based on the floor census per day.

Residents and medical professionals alike are looking forward to the completion of the project, as it promises to usher in a new era of healthcare excellence, ensuring access to top-tier medical services for years to come.

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