A Caring, Resilient, Functionally Integrated and Equitably Growing Settlement Highly Responsive to the Socio-Economic and Environmental Concerns of Every Self-reliant South Cotabateno.


Promote participatory, transparent and accountable governance in building livable and safe human settlements and in transforming the province into a premier agri-industrial and tourism hub in the region.


  • CARING: A province that supports and encourages the growth of its component LGUs like a caring mother to its children;
  • RESILIENT: With people, economies and communities that are resilient to economic, socio-cultural, and disaster hazards;
  • FUNCTIONALLY INTEGRATED AND EQUITABLY DEVELOPING: That reduces disparity of socio-economic growth as supported by infrastructure that physically and functionally integrates its urban and rural communities;
  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE TO SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCENS: That ensures reliable and prompt access of the people to basic public goods and services while respecting the distinctiveness and sensitivity of its natural environment to become…
  • SELF-RELIANT: Self-Reliant as an individual, and a member of the society actively taking part in development.