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WB visits anew PRDP project in SouthCot

The World Bank evaluation team ensures farmer beneficiaries of the coffee project implemented under the Philippine Rural Development Project not only gained income but savings as well.
But for Mang Kanor, he has surpassed the hand to mouth subsistence level but having bank savings is still far from reality for him and his family.
These are some of the issues and concerns tackled during the consultative meeting held during the visit of the WB Team headed by Konstantine Atanesyan, the Senior evaluation officer and task team leader; with George Polenakis, internal evaluation group together with members of the Tupi Coffee Growers Association Inc. (TUCOGAI) for the implementation of the Php17.9 million project on Enhancement of Production and Marketing of Dried Green Coffee Beans under the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) of the Department of Agriculture.
Mang Kanow said, despite the absence of bank savings, the project greatly helped him since he can now send his children to school.
Being part of the project also gave him many benefits.
He has gained valuable knowledge through his participation in various training and capacity building activities on how to grow coffee.
From 15kg yield per tree, he can produce at least 25-50 kg per tree using the techniques taught to him by Tucogai.
He also enjoyed competitive prices.
Mang Kanor disclosed, his coffee beans sold at Php33/kilo before by selling individually, he now enjoys Php100/kilo selling price when sold directly at their coop.
“Traders and middlemen cannot manipulate prices since coop members now have the power to direct the prices.” Ava Odal, TUCOGAI manager said,
Through this, Mang Kanor was able to buy a 2-hectare piece of land as another source of income for his family.
” The vision of having a bank saving is still far but it can be realized if my children already finished their studies.” He said,
Among the PRDP projects in Mindanao, South Cotabato was once again chosen as the place to visit as a follow through last year.
The team conducted a site inspection to the processing site and “were given an overview of how the coffee is being produced from fresh berries up to the finished product.
The WB team also inspects the facilities the coop acquired under the Mindanao Rural Development Project up to the PRDP.
They were also given a chance to taste freshly brewed coffee.
In the last year’s visit of the WB to South Cotabato, the province received an impressive review from the team.

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