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Zip-line 6-month revenue posts P2.4-M

The province’s zip-line located at 7-Falls in Lake Sebu posted revenue of P2,439,800.00 from January to June; this was reported by a senior tourism official recently.

Provincial Tourism Officer Cesar Sulit Jr. disclosed that the 6-month income for this year vis-à-vis last year for the same period showed a substantial increase.

The month of April is the topnotch among the first 6 months of the year with an income of P679,450.00, followed by the month of May with P615,300.00.

April and May are summer and “fiesta” months and traditional vacation period in the Philippines, wherein domestic and foreign visitors arrive in droves in their favorite tourist destinations in the country, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT).

January, considered as post-Christmas and New Year season of the year, posted P451,190.00 while February totaled P280,800.00.

The months of March and June likewise contributed with P209,160.00 and P203,900.00, respectively.

Meanwhile, for the entrance fees or gate receipts, the 7-Falls generated P1,023,190.00 for the 6-month period.

Just like in the zip-line, the months of April and May topped the gate receipts with P301,080.00 and P226,715.00, respectively.


The 7-Falls tourism facility in Lake Sebu boasts of the highest and longest zip-line in Southeast Asia and also offers culture, adventure and nature experiences.





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