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Zipline generates P1.6 million revenue in 4 months

zipline ride located at 7-Falls in Lake Sebu generated P1,620,590.00 revenue for the province from January to April of this year, a senior tourism officer confirmed.

Cesar Sulit, Jr, Provincial Tourism Officer and manages the Arts, Culture, Tourism, Sports and Museum (ACTS) Promotions Unit disclosed, that the 4-month revenue generated was based from receipts as per report from the Provincial Treasurers Office.

The provincial government charges P350.00 per person as zipline ride fee.

The monthly breakdown of income, Sulit added, are as follows; January – P451,190.00, February – P280,800.00, March – P209,150.00 and April – P679,450.00.

Aside from zipline ride fee, the province also charges P20.00 entrance fee to tourists going to the 7-falls resort.

The entrance fees collected for the same period amounted to P701,685.00.

With said entrance fee collection, visitors to the 7-falls visitors averaged 300 persons per day, Sulit further added.

Since the start of its operation in the late months of 2007, the zipline has contributed substantially to the coffers of the province in the form of zipline ride and entrance fees.

It has become a “must-see or experience” adventure for travelers as South-East Asia’s highest and longest zipline.

Local as well as foreign tourists now flocked to the area on a year-round basis.





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