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OGP Washington DC Commends SC-CCTS

Koronadal City, South Cotabato – The South Cotabato COVID-19 Contact Tracing System (SC-CCTS) was commended and applauded by the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in an article dated October 20, 2020 at Washington, DC, USA.

“Around the world, local governments are responsible for the most relevant policies affecting citizens daily lives. In many cases they were the first to respond to the challenges of the pandemic, providing key services to those who are affected, especially in major cities that have become COVID-19 hotspots. OGP Local members have brought citizens closer to their governments, creating a robust sense of trust and collaboration between them.”

“Local governments that are part of OGP like South Cotabato, Philippines, have partnered with civil society and the private sector to develop safe contact tracing platforms that take into account marginalized communities with limited access to cell phones or the internet while upholding people’s right to privacy.”

“Like South Cotabato and the current members of OGP Local, this new cohort of local governments will work with civil society organizations and citizens to tackle pressing challenges such as inequality, climate change, localizing the Sustainable Development Goals, and providing more effective and efficient public services.”

These statements were affirmed during the formal announcement of OGP’s 56 new local jurisdictions composed of 64 local governments and civil society organizations to join OGP Local, a partnership of reformers in and outside of government working to transform how government serves its citizens. This expansion, the largest in OGP history, comes at a critical moment as provinces, cities and local communities are at the forefront of efforts to respond to COVID-19 while also facing strained budgets and climate insecurity.

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