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Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 4(PPP4) Goes Regional with South Cotabato Filmmakers and Film Festivals

This year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) exhibits sixty-six (66) local filmmakers from the regions including homegrown filmmakers and film festivals: Salamindanaw Film Festival and Sundayag Film Festival.
Recent winners of Salamindanaw Film Festival in General Santos City, Hassanodden Hosni Hashim’s Inged II: The Ukha Story Untold (2020), a response to the Marawi siege; Ram Botero’s Pamalugu(2019), a transwoman’s reflection in the afterlife; and Joi Villablanca’s Maupay Nga Aga, Puniti Kita (2019), talks about the history and its significance in the contemporary times,will be represented by the said festival in PPP4.
Film festival founder Teng Mangansakan said, “We didn’t think of geographic consideration in our recommendation… We champion regional cinema all over the country and Southeast Asia (SEA). Maupay Nga Aga, Puniti Kita (2019) was last year’s winner, and Pamalugu (2019) is important in pushing for a trans voice in cinema and the film is framed thru a Mindanao myth. BARMM [Ingit II: The Ukha Story Untold, 2020] has been historically saklaw ng Salamindanaw kasi walang asilang festival, and siyayong [BARMM has been historically jurisdication of Salamindanaw because they don’t have a festival, and this is the] gateway to SEA via Tawitawi to Sabah, General Santos City to the small islands of Indonesia in the Celebes Sea.”
While Alan Flotteo’s Garbo(2020), contemplation on separation and marriage;Yen Morales’s Paralisado(2020), a hitman’s dreadful conscience; and Amaya Han’s Handuraw sa Kahilitan (2015), mental health awareness, are represented by Sundayag Film Festival, a mobile film festival recently initiated by South Cotabato filmmakers, at the PPP4.
Filmsall over the Philippines will be available on the 31st of October until December 13, 2020, online at the (KMJunsan)

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