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Province of South Cotabato

Reaching Out to Remote Communities: South Cotabato’s Commitment to GIDA Services

After a grueling four to six-hour trek, the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, through the Provincial Population Office (PPO), successfully reached the remote sitios of Syombolol, Tahikong, and Blo. These sitios are among the farthest flung areas of barangay Salacafe in Tboli. This historic journey aimed to deliver crucial services and information to the residents […]

Excitement Builds for Mutya ng South Cotabato 2024

The Mutya ng South Cotabato pageant, a highlight of the T’nalak Festival, is back with great anticipation. This year’s competition features eighteen brilliant candidates from nine municipalities and one component city, along with four contenders from various regional offices and three representatives from the private sector. Like their predecessors, the 2024 candidates have undergone rigorous […]