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South Cotabato, Koronadla City- When you hear the term “public servant,” you might think of an elected official such as a governor or mayor. Actually, the range of public service is broader than this. Public servants include any local, regional or national government employee of a government organization.

It is important to note that servant leadership can exist at all levels of an organization. Some public service involves working directly with the people living in communities, while others may solely work with their teams in the organization. In both settings, public servants can embrace the principles of servant leadership.

In accordance with its constitutional mandate to adopt measures to promote morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy in the civil service, as well as to strengthen the merit and reward system, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) administers an annual, nationwide Honor Awards Program (HAP) through annual Search for Outstanding Government Workers.

The program is conducted in order to recognize government officials and employees who exemplified outstanding performance, to motivate or inspire public servant to improve the quality of public service delivery, and to instill deeper involvement in public service.

We are pleased to publish that a public servant from the Provincial Government of South Cotabato (PGSC) has been nominated in this prestigious program, declared as a Regional Winner and will endorse the nomination to the National Screening Committee. The Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence Committee (PRAISE) from Human Resource Management Division of PGSC nominated this individuals because she excelled or shows utmost dedication and commitment to public service.

The Regional Winner of Dangal ng Bayan Award Category in the 2021 Search for Outstanding Government Workers is Internal Auditor IV, Grace L. Maniego, LLB.

Her contributions and accomplishments in the PGSC are worth-recognizing!

Ms. Maniego has been with the PGSC for more that 14 years, and she has been consistent in discharging her duties with outmost responsibility, integrity, competence, loyalty, acting with patriotism and justness, living a modest life and upholding public interest over her personal interest. In addition, her commendable passion for excellence and commitment to quality and effective public service are values that Ms. Maniego possesses making her an emulative woman of Integrity.


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