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PIO observes “General Clean-up Day”

In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order instituting province-wide clean-up every last Friday of the month, particularly in government offices and its surroundings, public plaza, parks or open spaces, among others, the Provincial Information Office (PIO) conducted a “general clean-up of its 2-room office last June 27.

Discarding computers for the meantime, the PIO staff present that day led by this writer took hold of brooms, mops and rags to sweep the floor, mopped the floor, walls and ceilings, dusted and wiped their respective table and emptied the waste cans.

The clean-up activity started as early as 7:30 in the morning and was terminated at around 10:30 in the morning.

Two hired utility personnel assisted the IOs in their cleaning chores.

During their General Meeting, the PIO staff agreed to have a general clean-up once a month aside from the daily clean-up of their respective work area.

A Solid Waste Management Action Plan will also be drawn in the near future for proper guidance of the staff on proper solid waste management especially on strict compliance of segregation of waste at source and proper waste disposal.

Recycling of used paper will also be instituted to maximize the use of paper and save cost on purchase.




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