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260 Pregnant Women to Benefit from Tutok Kainan Program

South Cotabato, Philippines — A total of 260 pregnant women in South Cotabato are the latest beneficiaries of the Tutok Kainan Program, a significant initiative funded by the National Nutrition Council (NNC) aimed at combating malnutrition among pregnant women and improving maternal health.

Nutrition Officer Angela Frugalidad announced that six towns in South Cotabato have been included in the project. These towns are Tupi, Polomolok, Lake Sebu, Tboli, Tantangan, and Tampakan. The NNC meticulously identified the number of beneficiaries and selected the towns to participate in the program based on recent data and surveys.

Frugalidad emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “This program is crucial in ensuring that pregnant women receive the necessary nutritional support to promote healthy pregnancies and reduce the risk of malnutrition-related complications. The decline in malnutrition rates is a positive sign, but we must continue our efforts to address this issue comprehensively.”

According to the latest survey, malnutrition in South Cotabato is showing signs of decline but remains at medium to high levels. This underscores the ongoing need for targeted nutritional interventions. The survey also highlighted a broader concern, revealing that the Philippines remains in a challenging position globally and among Asian countries regarding malnutrition rates.

Frugalidad highlighted the urgent need to address teenage pregnancy-related malnutrition: “One of the critical findings of the survey is the high incidence of malnutrition among teenage mothers in South Cotabato. Our province is identified as having one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy-related malnutrition in the SOCCSKSARGEN region. These young mothers are particularly vulnerable and require focused nutritional and healthcare support.”

The Tutok Kainan Program is designed to provide comprehensive nutritional support, including the distribution of nutrient-rich food packs and regular health and nutrition education sessions. These efforts are geared towards equipping pregnant women with the knowledge and resources necessary to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle throughout their pregnancy.

As the program progresses, local health officials and community leaders are hopeful that continued support and intervention will lead to a further decline in malnutrition rates and an overall improvement in maternal and child health in South Cotabato.

For more updates on the Tutok Kainan Program and other health initiatives, stay tuned to the official Facebook page of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato.

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