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8 KALSADA Projects bidded, 10 more proposed in 2018

Eight (8) KALSADA or now known as the Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces (CMGP) Projects was approved for 2017 and have been posted for bidding, the Provincial Bids and Awards Division confirmed.

PBAD disclosed, that the first batch of CMGP Projects for bidding that was published on August 2 were the Upgrading of Banga-Lamba–Derilon–Lampari Road (P71,000,000.00), Upgrading of National Highway Junction-Colongulo-Moloy-Duengas-Talahik Road (P41,240,000), Upgrading of Crossing Talcon-Aflek Road (P27,500,000.00) and Upgrading of Palkan-Cannery Junction-Upper Klinan Road (P65,247,490.00).

The remaining projects which include the Upgrading of Maltana-Lambayong Road (P49,732,778.00), Upgrading of National Highway-Silway 8-Silway 7 Road (P38,600,000.00), Upgrading of Crossing Aflek-Malugong Road (P16,500,000.00) and Upgrading of National Highway Junction-M. Roxas Polacion Road (P57,106,061.00) were likewise published for bidding last August 16.

Earlier, the Provincial Engineering office (PEO) announced the approval of the said road projects and the request for additional ten (10) CMGP Projects for 2018 with an estimated project cost of P1,014,921,000.00.

PEO”s Proposed Priority List of CMGP Projects for 2018 were Tampakan-Tablu (Boundary) Road Project (P258,117,500.00), Junction national Highway-Sulit-Bentung- Crossing Aflek Road Project (P32,924,500.00), Junction National Highway-Cebuano-Kipalbig (Boundary) Road Project (P69,000,000.00), Tampakan-Sta. Cruz-Topland (Boundary) Road Project (P41,400,000.00), Junction National Highway-Poblacion Tantangan-Tacub-Tinago (Boundary) Road Project (P138,000,000.00), Junction Provincial Road-GPS-Caloocan (Boundary) Road Project (P21,850,000.00), Junction National Highway-Palian-Cannery-Junction Upper Klinan Road Project (P140,415,000.00), Centrala-Naci-Lambontong Road Project (P111,550,000.00), Junction National Highway-new Iloilo-Cabuling-New Lambunao (Boundary) Road Project (P83,214,000.00) and Centrala-Buenvista-Canahay Road Project (P18,450,000.00).

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