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Another Town in South Cotabato Upgrades ASF Status from Pink to Yellow Surveillance Zone

South Cotabato, Philippines – The Municipality of Tupi, South Cotabato achieved an upgraded status in the battle against African Swine Fever (ASF). Based on the most recent Memorandum issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry, and in accordance with the Amended National ASF Zoning and Movement Plan (DA Administrative Circular No. 2, Series of 2022), TUPI has transitioned from a PINK buffer zone to a YELLOW surveillance zone.

The ASF zoning and movement plan outlines strategic measures to contain and monitor the spread of the virus, with different color-coded zones indicating the level of risk and surveillance intensity. The shift from PINK to YELLOW signifies a positive development in TUPI’s efforts to manage and control ASF within its jurisdiction.

Provincial Veterinary Officer-In-Charge Byron dela Cruz expressed his gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the local government, the Bureau of Animal Industry, and the community in addressing the ASF challenge.

“This reclassification is a testament to our collective commitment to animal health and welfare. It reflects the effectiveness of our preventive measures and active surveillance in managing ASF within our municipality,” stated Dela Cruz.

The YELLOW surveillance zone designation indicates a heightened focus on monitoring and gathering data to ensure early detection of any potential ASF resurgence. This proactive approach aligns with the municipality’s dedication to safeguarding its swine population and preserving the integrity of the local swine industry.

As of  this time, Polomolok achieved the green zone. The records showed nine towns under pink zones.


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