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Construction industry authority lauds South Cotabato’s construction evaluation system

Koroandal City— The Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines commended the Provincial Government of South Cotabato’s initiative in the implementation of a Constructors Performance Evaluation System (CPES) during the 5th National Convention of Accredited CPES Evaluators of the Philippines recently.

Grace Maniego, Internal Auditor, said the South Cotabato team shared the best practices of the province in the implementation of a Constructors Performance Evaluation System to more than 2, 000 accredited Constructors Performance Evaluators.

“The performance evaluation system is an institutionalized program in the provincial government,” Maniego said, stressing the strong political will of local officials to establish a system that will ensure quality, safety and timely delivery of infrastructure projects.

The CPES uses the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) approved guidelines in the evaluation of the performance of constructors.

“The excellent track record of local officials in good governance and the commitment of the technical team and the cooperation of the stakeholders are reasons that South Cotabato is a destination for CPES benchmarking,” she further explained.

CPES is a uniform rating system for evaluating the performance of constructors based on a set of criteria. The evaluation is done at certain stages during the actual construction of the project and upon its completion.

“The adoption and the implementation of CPES reinforce the provincial government’s commitment in promoting transparency, accountability and good governance in the delivery of public service,” she added.

Maniego presented the best practices of South Cotabato with Provincial Engineers Office Construction and Maintenance Division Chief Engr. Vicente Ayungao and Engr. Efren Januto and Engr. Rainel Von Yuro of the Internal Audit Division.

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