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Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. urges regular medical missions to detect disease outbreaks

South Cotabato, May 22, 2024 – Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. has issued a directive to all mayors in South Cotabato, urging them to conduct regular medical missions across their respective municipalities. This proactive initiative aims to detect and prevent potential disease outbreaks in barangays, ensuring the health and well-being of the province’s residents.

Governor Tamayo emphasized the importance of these medical missions in a recent statement, highlighting that regular visits by doctors to barangays are essential for early detection and management of health issues.

“We need to bring healthcare services closer to our people,” Governor Tamayo stated. “By conducting regular medical missions, we can identify and address health concerns early, preventing them from escalating into serious outbreaks.”

The Governor also encouraged municipal offices to ensure that all constituents are enlisted in the Konsulta Package, a program under PhilHealth that offers comprehensive healthcare benefits. Through the Konsulta Package, residents can access free medicines, consultations, and laboratory tests, significantly easing the burden of healthcare costs.

“Enrolling our constituents in the Konsulta Package is a crucial step in providing accessible and affordable healthcare,” Governor Tamayo added. “PhilHealth’s coverage of free medicines, consultations, and laboratory tests will greatly benefit our communities, particularly those in remote areas who have limited access to medical services.”

The Governor’s call to action has been well-received by local officials, who have expressed their commitment to supporting the initiative. Municipal health officers are now coordinating with barangay leaders to schedule regular medical missions and ensure that all residents are informed about the Konsulta Package enrollment process.

This initiative is part of Governor Tamayo’s broader vision to improve healthcare services and overall public health in South Cotabato. By prioritizing preventive measures and accessible healthcare, the provincial government aims to create a healthier and more resilient community.

The Provincial Government of South Cotabato, through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, regularly performs medical and other services outreach in far-flung sitios in the province to augment the medical missions of every towns. Last April, the team visited two sitios in Tboli and Lake Sebu for an outreach mission.


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