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PEMO set to establish 350 markers on 10-m easement in Lake Sebu

To properly identify the 20-meter lake shore easement in Lake Sebu, the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) will establish 350 markings or posts around the lake in the last quarter of the year.

Senior Environment Management Specialist Loida Villa of PEMO disclosed that the marking, which is 1.5-meter in length and made of concrete, will be erected for every 10 meters distance or a total of 350 concrete posts around the estimated 3.5-kilometer perimeter of the lake.

At a total cost of P100,000.00, Villa added that the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) of Lake Sebu will be the responsible office in the project implementation, particularly in the erecting, delivery and numbering of markings in the location.

“We expect to accomplished the project before the year ends,” Loida further added,” as we are awaiting the delivery of the concrete posts of the supplier.”

Earlier this year, Lake Sebu LGU through its MAO and Municipal Zoning Office (MZO) has demolish illegal fish cages in the area, including the clearing of illegal structures within the 20-meter lake shore passageway.

Aside from the 20-meter passageway clearing, MAO and MZO also implemented the 120-meter length limit for each fish cage with 2 meters clearance in-between cages.

PEMO reported that fish cages in Lake Sebu exceeded by 9% the total number of hectares for commercial production purposes.

Fish cages in the area occupied 70.99 hectares, exceeding the allowable 35 hectares only, the report indicated.






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