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PEMO to build RCA, Septic Vault at IPEMC

The Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) will build a Residual Containment Area (RCA) with Septic Vault as an additional facility to the existing Health Care Waste Treatment Facility (HCWTF) of the province located at the Integrated Provincial Environment Management Center (IPEMC) in Tinongcop, Tantangan.

Environment Management Specialist I Jobie de Jesus, disclosed in an interview that the RCA will house residual wastes while the septic vault will store the treated infectious hospital wastes generated by health care providers.

“The RCA with Septic Vault will be constructed adjacent to the HCWTF so that it will be accessible to the residual and treated wastes which will be stored in the facility,” de Jesus added.

PEMO expects the facility, with a P 1 million project cost, to be finished by next year after the lay-out was conducted by the contractor early this week.

The HCWTF, which houses the pyro-clave that treats the infectious wastes, have been operational since September 2016.

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