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Php33.3-M worth of real properties set for auction in SouthCot

The Provincial Government of South Cotabato is set to auction at least 620 delinquent real properties in the province worth Php33.3 million on November 26-27, 2019, 9 am at the Provincial Capitol Covered Court.
Provincial Treasurer Alvim Batol said it’s about time the said activity should be conducted since it was eleven years ago when the last auction was held in the province.
He added the auction sale is also one of the ways to increase revenue and update the records of the properties.
Based on the records from the PTO, the municipality of Polomolok has the highest number of properties for auction with 158 real properties, valued at Php7.4 million.
Tupi has 121 properties valued at Php7 million; Tantangan has 70 properties for auction valued at Php 1.75 million; Tampakan, 59 properties valued at Php1.6 million; Banga with 58 properties valued at PhpPhp3.8 million; Norala also has 58 properties for auction valued at Php3.2 million; Sto. Niño has 43 properties valued at Php5.76 million; Surallah has 41 properties valued at Php2.1 million; Lake Sebu has 12 properties for auction with Php427,000 total tax delinquencies.
The municipality of Tboli has no delinquent real properties for auction since the owners already paid their real property taxes before the warrant of levy was served.
Batol disclosed, there was a total of 2018 delinquent real properties originally listed with a total tax due Php161.5 million of April 30, 2019.
Out of these real property owners served with Notice of Delinquencies, 408 opted to pay in partial and partial giving the PTO with Php5.4 million additional RPT collections as of May 31, 2019.
As of October 9, the office has collected a total of Php19.1 million real property taxes.
Batol said, more property owners came to their office to pay their taxes and signed into a compromise agreement hoping that by November, only a few properties will be put into auction.
The PTO vows to continue the said activity next year to gain more revenues for the province.
He encourages all local government units in the province to be aggressive in the collection of taxes as they can also gain from said revenues.
Based on the Local Government Code, out of the one percent basic tax from the rpt, the barangay gets 25 %, the Municipality gets 40 %, while the province gets 35 %.
Another one percent goes to the Special Education Funds which 50 % goes to the LGU and another 50% goes to the province.

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