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PPO calls on participation of men on FP programs

The Provincial Population office called on the active participation of men in the implementation of family planning programs.
Population Officer Zenaida Duron said most often only women are participating in the PF programs that no matter what government should do, the population rate continues to increase.
“By the end of 2019, the Philippine population will reach 109 million that there is a need to slow down the rapid population increase,” Duron said,
Based on the Executive Order No.12 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte on “Zero Unmet Needs for Family Planning”, many women on their reproductive ages do not have access to family planning methods whether artificial or natural.
The PPO also strengthens its advocacy campaign especially among adolescents to stop teenage pregnancies as it continues to exist.
Based on the 2018 data of the PPO, registered teenage pregnancies from the ten municipalities in the province reached a total of 758 from January to December, while late registration reaches 1405.
Duron added, there was a slight decrease in the numbers of teenage pregnancies last year compared to the previous year due to the K_12 program of the Deped wherein most of the young ones are in school, there is still a need to strengthen their advocacies.
She added, their office focuses on the conduct of lectures on responsible adolescent programs and the Youth for Youth or U4U programs.
“There is so much that we have to do but we need the help of everyone especially the family,” Duron said,
The PPO also conducts family modular sessions and seminars to parents on the proper values and discipline they should teach their children
Duron said the family should build a strong foundation among the youth since they have a stronger influence on them.

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