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Proper SWM now part of Bahay Kubo, Agri & Plant Fair Booth contests

Proper Solid Waste Management is now included as one of the criteria in the Best Bahay Kubo and Products Display and Best Agri and Plant Fair Booth contests in the 18th T’nalak Festival and 51st Foundation Anniversary of South Cotabato which will run from July 12 – 18.

Technical Working Group (TWG) Members of Task Force Kalinisan under the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) and Bahay Kubo/Agri & Plant Fair Booth met and agreed on the criteria set for the contests.

The criteria formulated were as follows: Operational Proper Waste Management Policy – 15%, Segregated and Properly Labeled Receptacle – 15%, Regular Segregated Collection of Garbage – 20%, Cleanliness and Orderliness of Area and Surrounding – 20%, Presence of IEC Initiatives/Materials/Signage Related to Clean and Green/Advocacy – 15% and Sustained SWM Implementation – 15%.

It comprised 10% out of the total criteria of 100%, with General Appearance having 20% points and Product Display at 70% points.

Evaluations for the Bahay Kubo and Products Display will be from July 14 – 18 while for the Agri & Plant Display Booth will be from July 12 – 18.

The Bahay Kubo and Products Display evaluators are PEMO Siegfred Flaviano, PEMO-FIWD chief Forester Mary Jane Manlisis, Atty. Marnito Cosep, PEMO-MGMD chief Nencita Acain and IO III Frito Sumagaysay Jr; Agri & Plant Fair Display Booth evaluators are PEMO-EMD chief Elbe Balucanag, Senior EMS Rogelio Calmita, EMS I Jobie de Jesus, Senior ENS Loida Villa and Forester Fracel Magno.

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