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Same health protocol to be observed despite CDC finding that CoviD-19 is airborne, Dr. Aturdido

“There is no change in the  health protocol being advocated by the Department of Health (DOH) such as wearing of face mask, social distancing and proper hand washing,” according to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Rogelio B. Aturdido Jr., this despite the official statement of US Center for Disease Control (CDC) that the Corona Virus Disease (CoViD)-19 is airborne.

PHO Aturdido made the statement when asked by media during the recent Kapihan sa Kpitolyo media forum on Health Update, particularly on CoViD-19 in South Cotabato.

But Dr. Aturdido is quick to disclose that the change may occur in social distancing where the present practice may be increased from 1 meter to 2 meters or at least 6 feet, and likewise, proper coughing etiquette should be added in the present health protocol and strictly observed.

CDC posted in their latest journal that coughing produced droplets and could effectively contaminate individuals within 6 feet, thus, individuals suffering from colds and cough spells should take note of this and cover their nose and mouth when coughing.

The compliance to this health protocol, Aturdido added, is very important in the current observance of the “new normal,” which could help flattened the curve in the number ofCoViD-19 positive cases recorded on a daily basis by DOH.


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