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South Cotabato promotes breastfeeding in this COVID time

Koronadal City—The Provincial Government of South Cotabato follows the National Nutrition Council advisory on milk donation, but still accepts milk as donation intended for specific age group.
Rudy Jiminea, Provincial Nutrition Action Officer, explains that the province is promoting breastfeeding in this Corona Virus pandemic.
“We follow the parameters set by NNC on formula milk, but we accept milk donation because there are age groups that need it,” Jiminea said.
He points out that senior citizens need milk since it is rich in calcium.
“We can distribute it according to age group,” he says about the donated milk they have received.
He reminds pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to prepare meals that could give them enough breast milk for their babies.
“Malunggay leaves and other green leafy vegetables, camote and green papaya could enhance the volume of breast milk. And drink more water,” Jiminea stresses some example of food that may give more breast milk to breastfeeding mothers.
Jiminea calls breastfeeding mothers to give exclusive breast milk to their babies amid the Corona issue.
“Breast milk is a complete food for babies especially in their first six months. Breast milk is the best for babies even during disaster and emergencies,” he adds.

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