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South Cotabato Shines at Pugay Kalusugan Awards, Takes Home Seven Prestigious Honors

South Cotabato, Philippines—In a resounding display of dedication and excellence in healthcare, South Cotabato Provincial Government achieved remarkable success at the recently concluded Pugay Kalusugan Awarding, bagging an impressive total of seven prestigious accolades. The awards, bestowed at the provincial level, are a testament to the province’s unwavering commitment to public health and well-being.

The Pugay Kalusugan Awards, an annual event that recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of health and healthcare delivery across the Philippines, is a platform that highlights the exceptional contributions of local government units (LGUs) and healthcare institutions. This year, South Cotabato emerged as a frontrunner, standing out among its peers.

The province earned the following accolades:

  1. Filariasis-Free Sustainability Award: South Cotabato’s relentless efforts in controlling and preventing filariasis, a debilitating mosquito-borne disease, earned them this noteworthy recognition.
  2. Malaria-Free Sustainability Award: The province’s effective malaria control programs, including widespread testing and treatment, were lauded with this accolade.
  3. Top Performer PESU (Provincial Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit): The PESU’s dedication to monitoring and managing public health crises was acknowledged with this honor.
  4. Pulang Laso Award: This award signifies South Cotabato’s commitment to ensuring safe blood supply, reducing the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections.
  5. Best Performing LGU for TB Program: South Cotabato’s excellence in tuberculosis prevention and treatment programs was recognized as they outperformed their counterparts in this crucial area of healthcare.
  6. HIV Treatment Facility Quality Service Award: The province’s outstanding HIV treatment services and support were acknowledged with this prestigious award.
  7. Local Health System Award: The highest honor of the evening, this award demonstrates South Cotabato’s exceptional overall healthcare system, including efficient service delivery and comprehensive healthcare programs.

Assistant Provincial Health Officer Dr. Baby Vingno expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the tireless efforts and dedication of South Cotabato’s healthcare employees. Dr. Vingno commended the healthcare workers for their unwavering commitment to providing quality healthcare services to the people of South Cotabato, which ultimately led to this impressive sweep of awards.

“The success we have achieved at the Pugay Kalusugan Awards is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our healthcare workers and the strong support of our provincial government. These awards motivate us to continue striving for excellence in healthcare and to provide the best possible services to our constituents,” Dr. Vingno stated during the award ceremony.

The South Cotabato Provincial Government’s outstanding achievements at the Pugay Kalusugan Awards serve as a source of pride for the province and a shining example of what can be accomplished through a strong commitment to public health and the well-being of the community. The awards also underscore the importance of collaboration between the government, healthcare professionals, and the community in creating a healthier and brighter future for South Cotabato.

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