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SouthCot’s Convergence Team visits six more sitios

The South Cotabato Convergence Program for Poverty Reduction conducted validation on variouscommunities with marginalized populations physically and socio-economically separated from mainstream society.

For this  month of June,  areas visited that were  considered as  Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas  (GIDAs) include the following:

Sitio Lampangi, Brgy. Lampari, Banga

Sitio Motulub, Brgy. Halilan, Lake Sebu

Sitio Lamtabong Bong, Brgy. Lambingi, Banga

Sitio Lambusong and Lam-afus Proper, Brgy. Lam-afus, Banga

Sitio Lambalas, Brgy. Rang-ay, Banga

Sitio Alon, Brgy. San Vicente, Banga,

The convergence team headed by Community Affairs Officer Maria Ana Uy conducted a Focus group discussion (FGD) among the people in the community to know the pressing issues that need to be addressed by the government.

Among the primary problems of the community include the following; -Potable Water, Rehabilitation of Roads; Livelihood (Horse / Carabao); Electrification; Construction of Sitio Hall (Sitio Lambusong); Rehabilitation of Sitio Plaza (Sitio Lambusong); Solar Dryers; Corn Sheller; Farm to Market Road;  Livelihood; Construction of Day Care Center; Rehabilitation of Box culvert; Sanitary Toilet; and  Prevalent of Malnutrition.

A Geo-tagging of water source and roads was administered by Engr. Montazer Latip, Cris Pingkunn Fuentes and Romel Evangelio.

The team was assisted also by the Barangay Affair Unit (BAU) community organizers for  local government units concerned.
The Convergence Program for Poverty Reduction, an initiative of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato that aims to reduce poverty one sitio at a time.

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