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Assessed value of properties increased by Php146.4 million in SouthCot amidst the pandemic

South Cotabato’s assessed value on real properties has increased to Php146.4 million despite the onset of a pandemic, the Office of the Provincial Assessor reports.

Based on the Comparative Statement of Taxable Assessments for the period March 31-June 30, 2020, the province has an additional 334 Real Property Units (RPUs) which posted a 0.7% in assessed value.

Provincial Assessor Engr. Felix Sadiang-abay said even during the start of the Covid -19 in the province, the increase was from 173,630 RPUs to 173,964 RPUs.

These RPUs have a total assessed value of Php20.88 Billion.

“Taxation is the bloodline of the government,”  Sadiang-abay said,

Real properties that need to be assessed include lands, buildings, and machinery.

He added, the real property taxes that are being to the province through the Provincial Treasurer is based on the assessment done by the Provincial Assessor’s Office.

For the first quarter of this year,  the existing RPUs reached 194,154 with a total assessed value of Php23.2 Billion.

“If there is no assessment, there is nothing to collect.”  He said,


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